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How to use Word WandAI like an Expert

🚀 How to install Word WandAI

Navigate to the install link from the Zendesk Marketplace, link below:

Follow the installation instructions below:

  1. Click “Install” in the top-right corner of this screen on the Word WandAI's Zendesk Marketplace page

  2. Enable the OAuth Authentication (if prompted) and install the application

  3. Leave the Admin Center and go into Zendesk Support

  4. Complete a hard refresh of your web browser (CTRL+SHIFT+R) and log out/in of your Zendesk account

  5. After installation, the Word WandAI icon will be available in the ticket and chat views for agents

  6. Click on the 'W' and start using Word WandAI for free for 7 days.

Tip: To sync your Help Center information so you can use the "Ask AI" feature, navigate to the Word WandAI admin configuration area and click on the "Sync" button under the Ask AI heading.

👏 How to purchase a Subscription

1.Navigate to the Word WandAI Configuration area. It will be on the left-hand side within your Zendesk Support









*Only a Zendesk Admin will be able to see the Word WandAI Configuration area and purchase a Word WandAI subscription.

2. Select "Admin"

3. Select "Manage Billing"

4. Select the subscription plan. (More information about our subscription pricing can be found on our pricing page)

5. Select "Subscribe to a plan"

6. Enter your payment details and make payment

7. Navigate back to your Zendesk Support, the refresh your browser.

8. All done! 

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Subscription purchase
Subscribe video

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We know actions speak louder than words! Install and use Word WandAI for free and get access to the most powerful Zendesk ChatGPT integration!

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