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An AI tool built by support agents, for support agents

Word WandAI and Zendesk men

Give your agents the power of ChatGPT and the precision of AI-enhanced language in every ticket!

Try Word WandAI for free, no credit card required

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The AI-assisted customer support tool your team has been waiting for...

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The Features


Provide a brief instruction and AI will craft a highly personalized response merging the customer's message with agent guidance. 

🙏Handle customer complaints in seconds!

 Don't spend time crafting messages, let the AI do it for you!

🤯 Say goodbye to generic macros... Supercharge your macro templates and make them all bespoke/personalized messages - Turn 1 macro into thousands of possibilities!

headshot Alan

Alan Frederick - Support Agent

"The Instruct function is so powerful. It really helps me with the more technical tickets that require a human touch and care. I can ask it to do anything and it crafts a custom response in seconds. We combined it with our macros and it's been a game changer in making the customer feel valued, but in an efficient and scalable way!
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Updates an imperfect message written by the agent and makes it a perfect message! The agent can adjust the sentiment and tone to make the reply extra personalized.

🎓Adjust customer sentiment and tone replies

​✅ Remove grammar and spelling errors

🥰 Improve the quality of agent responses

headshot Jeff

Jeff Adams - VP Customer Expereince

"We use several AI apps to help us deliver an enhanced customer support experience. Word WandAI has been a great tool for the team and improved the speed and quality of our communication on tickets. It has been a lifesaver when responding to escalated customer complaints!
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More Info / Questions

Analyzes the customer's message and generates the top questions that could be asked 

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Yes & No

Analyzes the customer's message and crafts a personalized response while incorporating the overall outcome is a “Yes” or "No"

🙌 Guide agents on troubleshooting

💯 Increase customer satisfaction

🚀 Quickly craft personalized responses for quick answers

🎓Increase professionalism and personalization

AI bot

See it in action!

Basic functionality demo

Respond to Customer Complaints in seconds!

Supercharge Your Macros: Turn 1 macro into 1000s of possibilities!

Instruct + Multi-Language User Case Examples 


Hear from our fans

Maya Hillman picture

Maya Hillman - Director, Support

"Giving my agents in-app access to the power of ChatGPT AI has been awesome. Our quality of sevice improved overnight and increases in our CSAT followed!
Jessie Brown demo

Jessie Brown - Team lead

"The ROI on Word WandAI has been massive for our team. For something so cheap it is very powerful. It has help everyone become more efficient and directly help us improve our overall customer experience"
Josh Cooper demo

Josh Cooper - Support Agent

"I am an early user of Word WandAI and have been very impressed with what I have seen so far. It has help me work faster and while improving my customer service skills. I am excited to see where this goes!"

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We know actions speak louder than words! Install and use Word WandAI for free and get access to the most powerful Zendesk ChatGPT integration!

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