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Word WandAI reword demo


  1. Write an imperfect message

  2. Click the Word WandAI icon and adjust any situational conditions

  3. Let the AI reword the message

  4. Tweak it (if needed) and send!


Word WandAI Instruct demo


  1. Write what instructions you would like the AI to follow

  2. Click the Instruct icon

  3. Let the AI respond using your instructions

  4. Tweak it (if needed) and send!

Yes, No & Generate Questions

Word WandAI yes, no, questions demo


  1. Click the Yes, No or Questions icon

  2. Let the AI generate a respond

  3. Tweak it (if needed) and send!

⏰ Improve agents efficiency

Agents can save time by spending less time formulating carefully crafted messages. Just write the high-level message and let the AI do the job. 

✅ Remove grammar and spelling errors

WordWandAI automatically checks for grammar and spelling mistakes, and suggests corrections as needed.

🎓 Increase professionalism

Ensure that your agents are able to effectively communicate with customers in a professional manner that reflects the current customer sentiment and correct tone.

💰 Reduce training time and cost

Agents can get productive faster as the AI will craft professional responses in seconds and naturally guide your team on the best approach when responding to a customer.

🪄 Own your company's tone

We can create a custom AI model to perfectly match your brand identity and tone. Ensure your team is representing your band today! 

🥰 Increase customer satisfaction

Improve the customer experience by ensuring every interaction an agent has is professional, polite and perfect!

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