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ChatGPT for Customer Support

Word WandAI is an AI tool that integrates with Zendesk and automates the crafting of responses on tickets that require that human touch and love ❤️ 

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Give your team the efficiency gain they have been asking for!

Ditch the message-writing grind, let Word WandAI handle it! 

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headshot Alan

Alan Frederick - Support Agent

"The Instruct function is so powerful. It really helps me with the more technical tickets that require a human touch and care. I can ask it to do anything and it crafts a custom response in seconds. We combined it with our macros and it's been a game changer in making the customer feel valued, but in an efficient and scalable way!
"We use several AI apps to help us deliver an enhanced customer support experience. Word WandAI has been the best tool for the team and improved the speed and quality of our communication on tickets. It has been a lifesaver when responding to escalated customer complaints!
headshot Jeff

Jeff Adams - VP Customer Expereince

Maya Hillman picture
"Giving my agents in-app access to the power of ChatGPT AI has been awesome. Our speed of sevice improved overnight and increases in our CSAT followed!

Maya Hillman - Director, Support

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We know actions speak louder than words! Install and use Word WandAI for free and get access to the most powerful Zendesk ChatGPT integration!

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